Wear them Inside Out with UGG

Inside Out meets UGGTo mark the latest release from Disney Pixar, UGG is launching the coolest of cool footwear collections for kids inspired by the emotive characters of Inside Out. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust lend their unique traits to shoes that boast laces of style and heels of attitude.

The film follows a girl named Riley and five manifestations of her emotions who come to life in this cinematic adventure that sees the 11 year old protagonist leave the life she knows when her father relocates the family for his new job. This animated insight into the mind of a prepubescent girl going through a life change offers an innovative take on the usual coming of age tale, giving voice to the feelings that we all inhibit, talk about and attribute actions to.

Inside Out UGGFrom the Headquarters of Riley’s mind to a newly designed collection of kicks, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust are yet again given a new lease of life as UGG asserts that feelings aren’t only made to be worn on our sleeves.

Branded with slogans like “What-ever!” (Disgust), “Fired up” (Anger), “Risk is overrated” (Fear), “It’s okay to be sad” (Sadness) and “Love it” (Joy), the collection is brimming with kitsch colours, bowdacious bows and sparkling sequins. Reflecting the characters’ individual look and feel, the collection is vibrant, stylish and infinitesimally cute. And I’m so coveting the gorgeously DISGUSTing hi-tops for my mini fashionista. Removable bow, sequins and glitter… umm don’t mind if I do!!Disgust Hi-topsThe collection is available online at uggaustralia.co.uk and uggaustralia.com.


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