The Bra Tidy

bra tidy

I have now seen it all… scrolling through my daily deluge of emails, amid Groupon’s latest mish mash of discounted goodies was this absolute gem. A Bra Tidy, or Bra Organiser for keeping one’s breasticle coverings nicely ordered on one’s travels.

Product highlights include its capacity to store up to six bras in an accessible place while travelling, providing an invaluable space saver both at home and away, and in a lovely little female-savvy addition the Bra Tidy features a carry handle, for (and I quote) “convenience”.

Seemingly targeted at the woman with a penchant for underwiring and padded enhancement in her lingerie, these adorable organiser cases come in a range of couture colour ways, molded to the exact shape of the bras they intend to hold. Ribbons, lace, polka dots and perky promise will zip up your holiday trousseau in one fell cleavage-defining swoop leaving more room for shoes and, other important items…

Perhaps a brilliant Valentine’s Day find, or merely fodder for female entertainment; the Bra Tidy has quite simply made my day!!


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