Child’s Farm presents ‘De-Tangled’

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Rapunzel knew better than most the simultaneous blessing and curse of having beautiful long thick hair. It’s wonderful, an asset, until it becomes tangled and knot-ridden. My own little Rapunzel, with a head of golden ringlets fears the comb like many fear the dentist, an unpleasant yet necessary ritual to be repeated as often as required.

That was until we discovered one of the newest products from our favourite kids beauty brand, UK-based Child’s Farm: Get un-knotted! hair detangler for flowing locks. In a compact spray bottle and comprising the delicious scents of grapefruit and organic tea tree essential oil, a few spritzes of this magic product saw the pain of après-bathtime fade as a distant memory.

The hair detangler not only makes brushing out knots a doddle, its luscious ingredients also protect your little one’s hair against head lice. As with all bath and body products in the Child’s Farm range, the hair detangler is likewise natural, affordable and kind to skin from newborn and upwards. Dermatalogically tested and paediatrician-approved, all products are safe for excema prone skin, meaning my knot-afflicted princess with her super-sensitive skin has found her perfect cosmetic match.

New to the range, the hair detangler (£4.99) is joined by Quick dip! (£3.99) a fabulous 3 in 1 after swim care which combines shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Its scrumptious strawberry and organic mint scent is the perfect antidote to wash away the chlorine and leave skin and hair clean and shiny. So now those trips to the seaside, swimming lessons and weekly hair-washes don’t need to end in tears, just sweet-smelling tendrils of detangled hair.


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