Girls can be Superheroes too!


Captain America is making it big in the box office taking the heroic mantel that traditionally passes from one male caped crusader to the next. But what of their female counterparts? Where is our beacon of girl power? After all girls can be superheroes too.

The message that heroes should not be subject to gender classification is one strongly endorsed by toy company Arklu, the creators of leading doll brand Lottie™. Joining forces with US non-profit organisation Brave Girls Alliance, Arklu is launching an exciting and innovative global competition inviting entrants aged 10 and under to design a superhero outfit for the Lottie™ doll.

One lucky Lottie™ fan will see their design come to life, with the winning superhero outfit being manufactured and made commercially available later this year. Empowering not only the notion of female superheroism but more importantly placing the ideas of a child into the mainstream marketplace to be taken seriously by the world in which they live; the ‘Design a Superhero Outfit Competition’ is unique. This marks the first time that a crowd-sourced design by a child will go into commercial production with the winner’s original artworked design, first name, age, city and country included on the back of the outfit packaging. The winner will also receive the entire range of Lottie dolls, accessories and outfits.

To a child, the subject of superpowers is something that amounts to a tangible dream within the limitless potential of youth. Flying, mindreading, invisibility, strength, immortality; the list is endless when you’re young. Anything is possible. So what better time to instil the attitude that our young girls are strong enough to stand on their own two feet (as is the ethos of Lottie™) and achieve anything they set their mind to (with obvious exceptions). Lucie Follett, Creative Director of Arklu, explains “Lottie™ dolls motto is ‘Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You’ and many of the Lottie™ dolls explore inspiring, empowering and adventurous themes, so this competition is a really fantastic way to build on these strong ‘pro girl’ values.”

Melissa Wardy of Brave Girls Alliance says: “The Brave Girls Alliance is proud to support Lottie doll and their campaign that champions girls’ desire to be heroes. The Superhero contest is a great way to bring girls’ voices forward and allows them to show the world their ideas on what a girl superhero should look like and what powers they should possess.”

Built around the jewellery and make-up free appearance and physique of a regular child, Lottie™ is the perfect canvas from which young girls can imagine their ideal superhero.  After all, a superhero that comes from a real place may actually become the kind of superhero that could really exist.


Competition Details:

Parents and guardians are asked to download a colouring page template from the superhero contest app on the Lottie dolls Facebook page at so that kids can use this as a starting point for their design, as well as describing the superpower abilities that their design has.

Parents are then required to take a photo of their child’s design and upload it onto the superhero contest Facebook app and fill in a form to grant parental permission for their child’s entry to be considered for the competition. Full terms and conditions of the competition are to be found at:

The Facebook app is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and Norwegian.

The hashtag #girlsuperhero will be used on social media to promote the competition, and entries will be displayed on a dedicated Pinterest folder

Entries will be judged by a panel including at least one independent panelist member of the Brave Girls Alliance, and judged on their creativity and originality, fun and overall ‘kid-appeal’, as well as keeping true to the ‘pro girl’ values that underpin both the Lottie™ brand and the Brave Girls Alliance.

Closing date for entries is 7th May 2014 and the winner will be notified confidentially in May 2014, with the public announcement being made when the winning outfit goes on sale in October 2014 – just in time for the International Day of the Girl.




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