Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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Wednesdays are dance days in our household. This morning my increasingly-headstrong two year old selected her own outfit of pink ‘I love the 80s’ crop top (something I picked up at FOX in Israel) and lacy black leggings. My obsession with the 80s and SJP must be rubbing off on her.

Off we went some time later to keep our weekly dance date with Miss Alicia of Rhythm Factory (Clovelly, Eastern Suburbs branch). Half an hour of up-beat music, colourful wands, pom-poms, ribbons and a rainbow-coloured parachute and my twirling toddler was in heaven.

In a class peppered with tutu-wearing toddlers between 2-3 years, there is something for every stage of development as the youngest enjoy the sensory and social experience while the girls at the older end of the age spectrum respond enthusiastically to Miss Alicia’s smiling instruction.

Music is an important part of any person’s life, particularly for a child whose task it is to absorb the contents of the world around them. My younger brother is special needs and for him, music acted as his access code into the English language. There’s something about rhyming that sifts information into our brains more fluidly than in any other form and opens us up to learning in a way that’s fun and engaging.

To that end, I will continue encouraging my little dancing queen in any lyrical ventures she may wish to entertain… now, she and I have a date with the sofa, a bowl of popcorn and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun on DVD.


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