Miss Piggy is ELLE cover star


There’s something about opting for writing as a profession in its inherent capability for free expression and unrestricted use of imagination. Anything is possible, and with next month’s ELLE magazine cover star being none other than Muppets diva, Miss Piggy, never has that statement been more apt.

One of the most iconic characters of fantastical reality, Miss Piggy dressed in bespoke Donna Karan covers the May collector’s edition issue of UK ELLE. It certainly sounds as though the editorial team had fun with their larger-than-life guest and it made me consider the realms of my own imagination and its place in my life.

Getting lost in the fictional worlds I create through the written word, first through the short stories I wrote in childhood and more recently through my self-published chic-lit Choo or Faux and scripterly work in progress. However, the issue I find is as I try to write the real world through my own eyes, the room for imagination shrinks. Words like “plausible”, “believable” and “accessible” fill my head and filter through to my fingers as they tap at the keys of my computer. I suppose I should change the focus and genre of my writing as surely imagination allows me the poetic licence to write the world I want to see, rather than the one I have to reflect?

After all, our imaginations give us chance for escape and temporary relief from the often stressful life we live in the real world. Suspending reality for just a moment to believe we are living in a world where puppets can be magazine cover stars and fairies really do live among the stems of grass at the bottom of the garden and our toys come to life when we’re not looking, is simply wonderful. It’s where childhood enters adulthood and the endless possibilities that existed in our formative years fade away in the face of grown up responsibility.

Thinking about a scene from one of my favourite films Knocked Up, Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen discuss children’s love of bubbles. Rudd’s character laments: “I wish I liked anything as much as my kids love bubbles.” But why can’t we? Why can’t we as grown-ups find pleasure in magic and fantasy and imagination? It’s why places like Disneyland are so profitable and stage shows that turn our animated icons into tangible characters attract the audiences that they do. There’s even a brand of chocolate that claims to have come direct from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. We’re desperate to find a way of merging the stuff of our imaginations with real life.

There’s a freedom that comes with the fantastical, as ELLE writer Annabel Brog references the scandalous fact that Miss Piggy stole the clothes from the shoot. Were the cover star a Jennifer Lawrence or Victoria Beckham, such an accusation would be liable for serious consequences but in this case it’s just fodder for the comedy of the whole experience. Within the spaces forged by our imaginations and of course, the legendary imagination of individuals like the late Jim Henson, the beauty is in the unbelievable, the implausible and things only accessible via our desire for the make believe. “Why be you when you could be moi?” is the cover line that accompanies the Muppet famous for her love of the spotlight and her froggie beau, Kermit. It is the ultimate question for this piece as we consider who we could be within the world of our imagination.

Perhaps Miss Piggy’s magazine cover will be the starting point for freeing my imagination as I free myself from the constraints of reality and plunge head-first into the limitless possibilities of what could be…

Click here to see Miss Piggy’s takeover at the ELLE cover shoot…
Miss Piggy covers UK ELLE



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