Conscious Uncoupling

chris and gwynnie

In sad news Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have announced the end of their 11 year marriage, in eco-friendly terminology, stating a ‘conscious uncoupling’ via Paltrow’s site Goop. It’s an interesting spin to put on the ‘D’ word and it certainly points to an amicable division of one of Hollywood’s favourite pairings.

It takes a lot to make a relationship work, as you move from the first flush of new romance to getting excited about an early night so you can… sleep. So what makes some relationships sustainable and others disposable?

It takes love, friendship, trust, understanding, compromise, patience and a million other things to give a relationship that magical seal of Happy Ever After. But seeing the magic through the typical arguments over money, in-laws, weight gain and kids often means a relationship can go from hand-holding and kisses at the start of the red carpet but a fractured mess once you reach the end.

The A List appears to have it easier than us regular folk, and to some extent they do, what with their multimillions, multiple homes and million-dollar looks. However, long periods apart, proximity to other beautiful people and onscreen chemistry have a lot to answer for. It’s therefore hardly surprising that so many celebrity couplings consciously and otherwise revoke their dual status.

Thinking about the way this movie star and her musician ended their marriage as something involving an active decision sets them apart from their famous cohorts. Rather than the seemingly flippant dating mentality of many a celeb, moving from one co-star to the next, the Coldplay frontman and his movie star missus have shown what it means to love the one you’re with for longer than most relationship’s fifteen minute of fame. So, rather than the shrug of inevitability that greets most Hollywood break-ups, I for one am saddened by the Paltrow-Martin uncoupling but I respect it as a conscious decision.


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