Victoria Beckham and the Treadmill Desk


I’ve recently discovered the reason to Victoria Beckham’s personal and professional success. A treadmill desk.

Yes, that boring piece of equipment in the gym used by muscular men to flaunt their steroid-busting prowess and heavily made-up women to convince themselves they’re losing weight when it’s their mouths getting the workout as they gossip with their friends. Well it was set up on a blind date with the equally boring table used by office-workers to check Facebook, eat lunch and occasionally generate PowerPoint presentations. Hey presto: the treadmill desk.

Stepping aboard, high heels and all, at a visit to the Conde Nast College, VB tweeted a picture of herself on the LifeSpan Fitness Active Workstation (which recently launched in the UK and retails at £1,499.99). Combining a workstation and walking runway in one fell swoop, it is the epitome of the modern woman (or man’s) ultimate multitasking must-have. Think about it, no more 5am wake-up’s and rushed lunch hours spent cramming some exercise into otherwise hectic days; no, now you can just do it at your desk.

It got me thinking about the crazy juggling act we all call life. I wonder if they at LifeSpan could invent one to incorporate a change-table station, so busy mothers can burn off those pounds in the midst of changing napp… on second thought, perhaps not. But in all seriousness, we all seem to spend our days (and nights, for that matter) in a perpetual state of tension trying to be as productive as possible. Keeping smart phones by our beds to email tomorrow’s to-do lists to ourselves. Working till midnight to eek out every possible minute of the day. Reading on the commute to work because it’s the only “free time” we have. And now we can exercise our minds and bodies simultaneously in the hopes of streamlining not only our plans for business expansion but the opposite goal for our waistline.

I’ll admit, I feel intimidated by women like Victoria Beckham and her ilk. The women who ‘have it all’. And by this, I mean the success, the career, the initiative and independent wealth. I know I’m incredibly fortunate to be blessed with a gorgeous husband and adorable toddler (despite my urge to throttle her every mealtime) but I yearn for my own success, professionally-speaking. I vowed to never be financially dependent on a man, yet here I am going Becky Bloomwood on my husband fabricating white lies over how I’ve managed to burn through $600, in 10 days. (Food shopping, dear. We need to eat. And nappies are just so expensive. Plus, my daughter has a very sensitive derriere and unfortunately flares up at the mere mention of a value-brand nappy.)

I have so many dreams for myself. But self-doubt is the biggest killer when it comes to dreams (second to toddler-induced exhaustion). Perhaps then, this endorphin-boosting, creative station is just the fix? Exercise stimulates mental well-being and productivity so it seems only natural that the two should be combined in such a way… however, with little wiggle room available to explain away a £1,500 purchase to my husband I’ll have to come up with a slightly more economical solution.


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