Marge Simpson turns Fashionista

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Combining the worlds of fantasy, fashion and animation, Italian artist aleXsandro Palombo (writer of the Humor Chic blog) has given Marge Simpson her second fifteen minutes of fashionista fame by adorning her in some of the most iconic outfits worn through history.

Her first venture into the fashion spotlight came back in 2007 when she starred alongside a cartoon Linda Evangelista in Harper’s Bazaar. But thanks to Palombo this latest fashion foray sees her shed her usual green apparel for most girl’s fantasy wardrobe.

Posing in everything from Kate Moss’ recent Playboy get-up to Kate Middleton’s Issa engagement dress, the head of The Simpson’s brood performs 23 quick changes to capture the style of Marilyn, Madonna, Grace, Audrey, Coco Chanel, Liz Hurley in that dress, as well as recreating shots in some of fashion’s most historic creations.

Accessorising each outfit with her towering blue do, Mrs S proves she has what it takes to beat out Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit, hands down!


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