Goldieblox: The Perfect Fit for Every Girl

Goldie-Blox-2Continuing the theme of girl power and more importantly toys built to empower the next generation of female entrepreneurs, academics and professionals; Debbie Sterling, CEO of Goldiblox is thwarting the traditional princess complex with her new playtime creation.

Educated at Stanford in the not-so-girlie subject of engineering, Sterling is testing the boundaries of gender stereotypes with a product that plays on little girls’ imaginations and love of reading. Goldieblox combines the concept of a storybook within a basic engineering set, prompting children to follow the tale, building simple machines with the tools provided as they go.

An amended version of Beastie Boys’ anthem “Girls” sets the musical backdrop for the new TV advert, which sees three girls eschew the generic princess show on television for a wild adventure that sees them construct a complicated Rube Goldberg machine across the house.

Challenging the pink-blue divide which directs parents to dress, entertain and even feed their children according to a pre-ordained colour code; Sterling and those who think like her are paving the way for girls to be whoever they want to be and do whatever they want to do. And the message here, is that regardless of whether a girl wants to get her goggles on and build a space station or don her apron and bake cookies, the choice should ultimately be hers.


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