Sydney’s New Style Sweetheart

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BOO! Yes I thought you’d be surprised to see me, don’t worry I hadn’t disappeared off the face of the planet, just moved to the other side of it. I am now living in Sydney, Australia. It’s taken the longest flight I’ve ever been on, a week of upside down sleeps, a fortnight in a hotel in the centre of Sydney’s red light district (blame my mother – someone didn’t do their research…) and a move to the Eastern Suburbs, but I’m back!

Needless to say it’s been quite the adjustment but I’m getting used to seeing palm trees when I wake up and toddling down to the beach on the way back from the post office. Of course the RAIN has also made me feel like I’m still in England… until I look out the window again. Even through monsoon-akin showers, the palm trees are still visible!

I’ve obviously already acquainted myself with the shopping, landing in Westfield, Bondi Junction on day 2 and scoping out the style scene. There are echoes of home with a Zara, Topshop and several pairs of Clarks shoes scattered about, and I also hear H&M are due to land down under early next year, though unfortunately only in Melbourne for the time being. I guess I’ll just have to go there. But the Aussie fashion is pretty funky. I’ve already fallen in love with Cotton On, where Mummy bought me the most gorgeous navy tutu with silvery circles all over it and a hot pink sleeveless tee to go with. Bardot Junior is pretty fantastic also busting at the seams with pastel puff skirts and the coolest denim jackets and… well that’s all I saw from the doorway as Mummy took one look at the price of jeans in the window display and we didn’t get any further. Osh Kosh are fabulous, they even had a little chair for me to sit on while I tried on my new sandals which I am in love with. Mummy’s trying to be really good and not overspend because Daddy’s a bit concerned that her old shopaholic ways will return and Sydney’s a little on the expensive side.

The toys are pretty great too, and as I am completely obsessed with Peppa Pig (yes, along with every other tot on the planet) Mummy bought me the Peppa Pig house playset. But she’s a little miffed at the moment because I came up with a fun game which involves testing all the contents of the house for flying ability, shooting them off the balcony and onto the downstairs’ lady’s patio. Mummy and Daddy keep going on search and rescue missions for Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and most recently the bath. My favourite thing to do after my bath is sit and watch Peppa on the Samsung tablet – I think Daddy can quote nearly every episode now! He and Mummy love it almost as much as me.

I’ve taken a little while to get used to the sand, considering it’s all about grass in England. Well, Australia is all about sand. The first couple of times I hit the beach I really wasn’t feeling it but now I’m getting the hang of it  we’ve been to Bronte, Clovelly and Coogee beaches and I think at the moment Coogee is my favourite. Water on the other hand, I LOVE! Mummy took me to Tumbalong Park by Darling Harbour and there are these fantastic water jets that you can run through and play with for ages. It’s so much fun! We also went to the Sydney Aquarium which is cool but pretty much like London’s version just with more sharks!

The place we’re staying in now is quite different from anywhere I’ve lived before – which is quite a lot of places for someone who isn’t even two yet. This place is full of buddhas and crystals and candles and incense because the couple who live here are clairvoyants and into lots of spiritual stuff. Mummy and Daddy keep talking about the energy it has and I guess they’re right ’cause I seem to have loads of energy, sometimes until 10 o’clock at night!

It’s time for me to sign out for the moment, playdates to get to, people to see… Catch ya later! xxx


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