Lauren Lambert: Britain & Ireland’s Next Big Thing


Rehearsing her final journey down the runway as one of the finalists on Series 9 of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model, the show producer called out: “Wrong shoes, wrong shoes, wrong shoes” but no matter, the powers that be (a.k.a. Elle MacPherson, Tyson Beckford and Dannii Minogue) decided that Lauren Lambert was the right girl for the job.

From fourteen aspiring models one captured the judges, industry and public alike from week one. Surrey-born Lauren, 23, was crowned this year’s winner of Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model, taking the competition by storm with her statuesque beauty, easy-going nature and inherent ability to fill every photographic brief frame for frame. Amid her Fashion Week duties, Lauren took some time to let us know where it all began, what Tyson Beckford was really like to work with and how her fairytale is set to continue…

You are Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model – how does that make you feel?
It feels so surreal but a dream come true, and it just goes to show that fighting for my dreams all this time has finally paid off.

There was something about you that made you stand head and shoulders above the other girls from day one, and not just your 6”2 frame; how does it feel to know you’ve conquered the modelling world not in spite of the things that make you unique but because of them?
My height is stand-out for sure but I believe it’s my passion for modelling together with my height that makes me unique.

What was your first experience of modelling? How did it make you feel?
I walked in a fashion show when I was 15, and that’s what sparked the modelling flame for me; experiencing the rush of adrenaline that comes from walking down a catwalk with cameras flashing, not to mention of course the fact that you get to wear all these beautiful garments.

Do you feel that the personal struggles you’ve faced in life have strengthened your ambition and drive to succeed?
Yes. I feel that my struggles have made me stronger as a person and made me want to achieve my dreams all the more. As my Nan said, “successful people are not quitters”.

What would you say to young women striving for greatness to inspire them to reach their potential?
If you’re passionate about the thing you love, you need to be confident, strong, thick-skinned and most importantly believe in yourself.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion means the world to me. I feel that I can express myself through fashion.

If you could walk for any designer, who would it be?
Yves Saint Laurent

BINTM-Ep6-Lauren nude shoot Picture of the week

You have the look of an icon, with people comparing you to Whitney Houston and Karyn Parsons (Hilary Banks, Fresh Prince of Bel Air) among others – who is your number one icon and why?
I would have to say, Iman. Not only because she was one of the first ethnic supermodels, but because she is also beautiful, tall and an inspiration to many.

Tyson Beckford is totally head over heels for you – professionally speaking of course(!); what was he like to work with?
Tyson is down to earth and incredibly positive and lovely to work with. He always made an effort to make us feel comfortable with easy conversation, as well as giving great feedback and pointers on how to improve on every shoot and brief.

What was the most testing task/photo-shoot for you on BINTM?
The gymnastics shoot with Louis Smith, as I had to hold my own body weight for a really long time, haha.

Give us a breakdown of your typical beauty regime. What are the one hair, and beauty products you cannot live without?
For hair it would have to be Moroccan oil and my top beauty must-have would be concealer.

Who in the modelling industry do you look up to? Why?
For me it is Jourdan Dunn, because she has worked extremely hard to get to where she is today, balancing her career with being a mother at the same time. She is a symbol of a strong woman.

What has been your most valuable lesson during your experience on BINTM?
I learnt that I can live in a house with 13 girls and that whatever I set my mind to, I can do it.

Which Disney heroine/princess are you? Why?
It would be Belle (Beauty & the Beast), because she was open-minded to everything and saw things for their natural beauty. When she fell in love with the Beast, she saw past his looks and connected with his personality and charm. In my opinion, that is where true beauty lies.

You’ve just been crowned Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model; where will your fairytale adventure take you next?
I have been crowned and have already been involved in London Fashion Week but now I can’t wait to see where my future career in the fashion industry leads. I would love to do New York, Milan, and Paris fashion week and just model worldwide.

One can only imagine what lies in store for this young woman, who begins her post-BINTM journey on the books of Models 1, and with a spread in Company magazine, a contract with Revlon cosmetics and TRESemmé, and every girl’s dream come true (aside from the modelling career of course!), an all-expenses paid shopping spree in New York City. For Lauren Lambert, the only way is up!

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