Dear Prince George…

A letter to our future king – man you’re gonna rule, and if you promise that you’ll marry me then I promise you I’ll make BRITISH cool. I’m a baby fashion blogger with an eye for style, iPad in purple Radley case in hand down fashion mile. I rock the costume tiara (albeit plastic-chic), and I’m the first in line to every show at Fashion Week. Supporting British talent, case in point THE Julie Deane, queen of Cambridge Satchel Co I was there for the Covent Garden store opening. Her brand new Union Jack Brit ‘It’ Bag will soon be on my pram, as I rock the red, white and the blue as the style maven I am. Au fait with social media, I’ll keep your profile clean, I’ll be your greatest accessory if you grant me your future Queen. Modelling designer wear from Galliano to Moschino and more, I’m equally comfortable sporting the latest from some of the high street stores. I’m abuzz with the trends and the ‘what’s goings ons’ to keep you always in touch, I read, paint and mother my dollies and go out with the ladies for lunch. Yes it’s true I’m going through a peculiar toddler phase, of wearing lingerie around my neck in an attempt to kick it off as a craze. But trust me Prince G, you’ll have something equally funny, to admit to doing as a baby. Think how much fun we could have as teens, asserting ourselves the British Chuck and Blair (though with less blackmail, romantic drama, but definitely as beautiful hair). We’d be the Brit ‘It’ couple, cooler than Posh and Becks, but never upstaging your parents (they’ll be the ones writing the cheques!) Floating through academia, travelling far and wide, attending events formal and cool always with patriotic pride. I’ll be the Yoko to your Lennon, the Barney to your Fred Flinstone; I’ll be the Cinderella to your Prince Charming, I’ll be the Queen beside your throne.
So, what do you say George …shall we live happily ever after?!

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