History sometimes repeats itself


Credit: Fashionista.com

I love finding treasures like this one when the cyclical nature of fashion emerges as strikingly as this Fifties versus Modern Day pairing as Justin Timberlake’s lady Jessica Biel recreated Dorian Leigh’s stunning pose in Revlon’s 1952 Fire and Ice campaign in 2010.

The brand was debuting its latest pairings of matching “lips and tips” shades for women “who love to flirt with fire… who dare to skate on ice”. Leigh was photographed by the esteemed Richard Avedon in what went on to become the most talked-about ad campaign of its time, winning Advertising Age’s Ad of the Year award and cementing its star forever as the Fire and Ice girl. As Biel stepped into an updated version of Leigh’s Norman Norell-style mermaid gown and crimson cloak in front of Mario Testino’s practiced lens, history was brought to life in celebration of Revlon’s newest release of a trio of lip and tip pairings.

Leigh’s glittering gown, fashion’s metaphor for ice, was dusted with sequins though they stopped just short at the back of the dress due to the meticulous hand-sewn sequin process which took longer than expected. Meanwhile the fiery red cloak was copied from a Balenciaga original – a practice common with that period in American fashion.

Today’s starlets regularly step into the iconic shoes of their acting ancestors, with Sienna Miller as Tippi Hedren, Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe and most recently Helena Bonham Carter who will play Elizabeth Taylor in a TV movie, to name but a few, proving indeed that the legend lives on


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