ShadeMe this Summer


As the heat-wave continues, the need for tools and accessories to stay cool increases and at the top of my list is this new baby sun shade or put succinctly: ShadeMe.

The product (literally) of a collaboration between sun protection experts, KoolSun and Sunproof, the newly launched ShadeMe baby sun shade accompanied Mummy and me first to Israel for our international vacation and continued its use when we touched down back in London. Who’d have thought I’d need the same level of sun protection in Britain as the Middle East! I rode in my Maclaren during our trip where the sun rose early and beat down its rays from morning till dusk, but I stayed safely shaded beneath the added stretch of fully tested UPF50+ fabric.

I was very excited to test-run the Baby Sun Shade, not least because it is the first of its kind as it not only fits the traditional forward-facing pram, but also rear-facing prams, car seats and carry-ons, not to mention whatever size pram you own from large 3-wheeler to small strollers. It is easily adjustable, with stretchy straps and lightweight fabric moulding to whichever travel system happens to be residing in your car-boot, hallway or garage. Eschewing the need for parasols, muslins or other makeshift sun shades, the search is over as ShadeMe covers all your needs. Liz Gearing, KoolSun’s co-founder says: “We have yet to find a pram with an existing hood that our Baby Sun Shade doesn’t fit!”

Plus, once you’re packing for the flight home or the British sun finally remembers its usual state of hibernation in the clouds, the sun shade packs up small reverting into the integral pocket that’s part of its innovative design. Perfect!!

The Baby Sun Shade retails at £25.00 and is sold through the ShadeMe website and through selected retailers nationwide.


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