One to Watch: “Milk, Rattle ‘N’ Roll”

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The title to songwriter, Jakki Friedman’s debut nursery-stage album, “Milk, Rattle ‘N’ Roll” is set to soar to success as it launched officially on iTunes this week. Mother of two, Jakki, balances parenting with both her creative passions, notably her music and The Pop Shop where she and business partner, Natasha, concoct delightful and delicious cakes and cookie pops, some even decorated with musical notes!

Developing a love of music from a young age as she watched her mother performing in musicals, Friedman took to the stage age 11 starring as Annie in a local amateur theatre production, a passion which saw her continued involvement in amateur and charity productions over the years. She began putting musical pen to paper aged 14 in a bid to express the thoughts and feelings that she felt she could only translate through song.

The talented singer/songwriter has begun to emerge as something of a rising star this year, as January saw her collaborate with X Factor finalist Sophie Habibis (she of the husky tones) on a charity single for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy charity, Duchenne Now.  “A friend of mine introduced me to Sophie Habibis and I approached her with my idea of getting her to sing a song to raise money and awareness for the charity,” says Friedman.  “She introduced us and we went from there.” The single “Clock is ticking” is available to buy on iTunes with all proceeds going to the charity. Friedman’s choice to direct her philanthropic venture towards ‘Duchenne Now’ springs from a close personal relationship with a family whose son who lives with the condition, “This charity is close to my heart,” she says.

Now turning her attention to putting the X Factor into children’s music, Friedman’s debut album “Milk, Rattle ‘N’ Roll” offers a compilation of nine songs, from the high tempo and upbeat to something a little more soothing for that bedtime hour (a percentage of profits from the album will also go to ‘Duchenne Now’). Inspired to offer both her own children and their young peers something different from the traditional, yet repetitive and staid nursery rhymes that have been doing the rounds since dinosaurs roamed the planet; Friedman began writing and composing her own album a little over a year ago.

Showcasing a range of songs that whisk babies and children away to the zoo, on a nature walk or into the kitchen to bake a cake, Friedman has created a lyrical journey that is both entertaining and educational for young minds. “My favourite I would say is the exercise song,” she says. “I just love the response from children excitedly following the actions.” Trialling her music at a few local Manchester nurseries, she was thrilled at the enthusiasm and reactions of the children who continue to enjoy Friedman’s energetic and inspiring soundtrack. A second children’s album is in the pipeline as this up-and-coming musical maestro works to turn the spotlight firmly in her direction.

So this rounds out our tribute to music here at Mini Fashionista, stay tuned because next week is all about accessories and there’s a little bit of a royal theme…


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