Bring on the Beyoncé

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She’s currently rocking London’s O2 concert arena, she’s rocking the country’s billboards in teeny weeny bikinis and today the fashion-extravaganza that is Beyonce as Mrs Carter collection hits H&M. Fans are lauding her latest sold-out stage outing: the Mrs Carter Show World Tour, as electrifying, as Mommy to fellow mini fashionista, Blue Ivy, Beyoncé proves that one woman in particular really does run the world.

Her sartorial collaboration with high street fashion brand, H&M, sees the star’s glorious post-baby body making the Swedish label’s line of gorgeous summer wear ever more gorgeous. Reclining in the Bahaman sun, a flower decorating her hair, Beyoncé is the epitome of SUPERSTAR. I could not have completed this Music Week without an appearance (and, okay, slight literary shrine) to my musical goddess.

Revealing snippets of songs performed during her current tour, from Grown Woman which sees the singer cloned into several glamorous versions of herself for the latest Pepsi Max ad campaign to Standing on the Sun, which features in Beyoncé’s ad for H&M; the glorious Mrs Carter has certainly learnt the art of seduction via song.

Put simply, Beyoncé is THE definition of music right now as my mini fashionista’s and I prepare to follow on her righteous path as strong, beautiful, ambitious, smart women…


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