Strange Love at Meadham Kirchhoff

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I expected something slightly off-kilter at Meadham Kirchhoff and that is exactly what the duo delivered as designs that were a bit Miss Haversham-esque recalled the crazy eternal bride with veils and fancy dress style tiaras topping long, billowing dresses. The uniform of nurses from decades past snuck in there too transforming long-sleeved blouses and simple dresses into something with character. Polka dot chiffon shirt dresses worn over high-waisted black trousers and metallic gold Eighties footwear contrasted against glossy Dominatrix-adjacent designs though both shared that common aesthetic of the quirky and individual populous synonymous with the market at Camden Lock.

Some looks were nautical from little jaunty jackets to oversize collars over white or black dresses, and others were touching on the Victoriana of Mary Poppins wartime apparel, with aprons and double-breasted coats and nightgown dresses. Hair was taken from Twenties style, coiled and close to the head, and Courtney Love was pinpointed as the origin of inspiration for a collection that was at once sinister and unsettling while delivering something romantic and pretty.


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