Something wonderful at Sister by Sibling

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If Lewis Carroll had ever tried his hand at fashion design I imagine it would have come off something like the collection handed out at Sister by Sibling. With larger than life chunky knits, oversize dots strewn across cardigans and floral print tea dresses and quadruple cream puff scarves offering a solace from the winter cold, it was a wardrobe that sprung directly from the imagination – specifically of designers Cozette McCreery, Sid Bryan and Joe Bates.

Cara Delevigne and a troupe of models unveiled the many faces of the label’s Alice in fashion Wonderland, though the actual muse for this season’s fun and fantastic show was tragic Brit Paula Yates. Tapping in to the late presenter’s vibrant personality and daring wardrobe, the trio presented pom-pom adorned berets, Fair Isle sweater dresses updated with panels of fox and pencil skirt twin-sets featuring floral intarsia in a nod to Yates’ preference for the Forties silhouette.

The designers tried something new this season, with the addition of crochet to their signature knitwear, offering a novel twist on their commitment to texture, bold style and fashion forward sensibility. The brand’s trademark leopard print was translated in red and black, hair was wild and fuzzy though only a suggestion at big and wild, never taking away from the clothes and there was even a hint of a Cath Kidston inspired motif slotted into the middle.

Exaggerated shapes, bright colours, definitive prints and all expertly curated into one cohesive collection, Sister by Sibling are quickly becoming one of my favourite labels to watch.


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