Punk Funk at Holly Fulton

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Lipsticks sprung up like skyscrapers creating a cosmetic skyline for pencil skirts and dresses in Holly Fulton’s AW13 collection, while tigers fiercely emblazoned tees worn with billowing midi and maxi skirts and prints came assorted as though a confectionary box of allsorts had found themselves scattered onto everything from a blazer and skirt combo to a sheer shirt.

Eyes black and smoky and bright red colour smeared across the model’s lips – Cara Delevigne included, quickly becoming the face of the season – and a mostly red and black theme led the way for Fulton’s homage to punk rock, how very Westwood of her, with splashes of Deco and an ode to vintage prints along for the ride. Confessing her make-up inspiration derived from a preference for drawing lipstick, Fulton went on to serve up biker jackets, dropped-waist dresses, pleated skirts and jackets and coats adorned with applique foliage and florals.

Describing her look this season as ladylike but youthful, Fulton undoubtedly delivered a style that’s sure to translate from runway to real world as girls struck by the punk rock bug find their Fulton fix anywhere they can.


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