Felder Felder… Do Touch

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The Seventies got a texture-laden outing at Felder Felder this season, with everything from a calf-hair panelled cashmere and wool-blend trench coat to ribbed latex macs and embossed velvet thrown into the mix. Engaging the sense of touch and sight, with wave upon wave of patent leather, quilted organza and a boucled-velvet trouser suit saturating the runway; Annette Felder asserted her and twin sister Daniela’s passion for pattern, print and texture as one that can offer “protection and warmth”. Just the ticket for the British autumn and winter months.

Evoking the spirit of Seventies outlaw Tony Alva, whose grunge skateboarder aesthetic anchors the collection, the design duo recalled their youth surrounded by skater boys and the urban cityscape they inhabited. The soundtrack however placed the collection firmly in the present with a throat-bumping base line from Dr Dre. Kate Nash sat front row alongside Marina Diamandis and The Saturdays’ Mollie King, in prime position to checklist every look required to make up their own winter wardrobes.


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