Marios Schwab undresses design at ASOS


My mother has always maintained that the best accessory to any outfit is quality undergarments, providing fit, shape and support. So it’s only right that fashion designer Marios Schwab should venture into this particular field of fashion with his debut line of lingerie, Kallisti, launching exclusively at fashion e-tailer ASOS.

Working alongside the brand’s designer support initiative, ASOS Inc, Schwab has delved into his Greek heritage for inspiration, drawing on its mythological legends. The name of his collection translates to “for the fairest”, as inscribed on the Golden Apple of Discord believed to have been thrown by Eris amongst a group of three goddesses at a wedding party to determine who was the most beautiful. Over Hera and Athena, it was Aphrodite who was crowned the fairest of them all.

“Fusing the element of undergarments and the world that is hidden beneath clothes is a continuous inspiration behind the designs I create at Marios Schwab, the detailing that goes within garments and craft involved is something I have been surrounded by since a young boy looking at the work my Dad would bring home,” the designer said. “These elements later became integrated within the philosophy of ready to wear garments whilst the surface becomes tribute to what is hidden beneath. ASOS INC is the perfect partnership for the launch of the Kallisti range of lingerie as we not only share a passion of supporting British industry but have a shared vision in all areas of technology and clothing development whilst keeping true to the DNA of the women we like to dress.”

Compiling shades of mustard, poppy red, black and nude, the collection has been crafted around the notion of traditional femininity while celebrating the ideology of women empowered by their femininity. The designs feature power mesh on balconette and triangle bra shapes, complemented by a ‘No-Bra Body’ design offering an alternative choice in the same fabric. A signature set of the 25-piece collection is the matching “Spider Web” bra and brief produced using Swiss tulle onto which sequins are appliqued creating a starburst effect.

Marrying metal plates with taffeta, studded heavyweight mesh and satin; Schwab’s innovative aesthetic is further endorsed by his exquisite and intricate detailing, from latticework on a dévore bodice to lace trim embellishing an array of items including an “All Over Stretch” dress, high waist pants and a strapless bra.

Vikki Brown, Head Buyer for ASOS, commented on the designer’s collection – due to be released today exclusively at ASOS. She said: “If anyone is destined to design lingerie, it’s Marios Schwab. This sensibility is often evident in his mainline collections, a fascination and sensitivity inherent from his father’s expertise as a lingerie engineer. Helping designers to evolve and grow their businesses through the addition of new categories that are a natural fit is exactly what ASOS Inc. is all about, so we are really excited to develop and launch Kallisti exclusive to ASOS for winter 2012.”

If the foundations are set with quality, it follows that the overall structure will be just as desirable.


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