Kate Hudson to design for US label Ann Taylor

kate-hudson-ann-taylor-02The charismatic daughter of actress Goldie Hawn, a regular on the red carpet where she most recently wowed in an extraordinary Alexander McQueen gown for the Golden Globes, and of late a guest star on Glee; Kate Hudson is staying firmly spotlight-central. From merely showcasing the works of others, the actress has renewed her contract with US fashion label Ann Taylor, having fronted the brand’s ss12 campaign, and is set to make her debut foray into fashion design in crafting a capsule collection for summer.

Working alongside the label’s creative director, Lisa Axelson, Hudson has reimagined the looks she has modelled on the red carpet into pieces that could be worn every day. Speaking to WWD, the actress said: “Working with Ann Taylor has been a great creative experience, and there is a really wonderful connection. Ann Taylor is great at creating iconic wardrobe staples and updating them season after season. I love that Lisa Axelson is designing clothes for real women.”

The world has seen the birth of celebrity multi-tasking truly take off over the past couple of decades or so, with singers trying their hand at acting, actors giving directing a go and pretty much everyone looking to break into the business of celebrity fragrance, and more recently, fashion design. So with her first ever collection due out in stores this May, the fashion world waits with breath that is baited in anticipation of Hudson’s actress-turned-designer’s efforts.


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