My Little Misdress

little-mistress-childrenswear-1357232218Just what my wardrobe needs ahead of the Spring Summer 2013 season, a collection of princess-perfect party dresses concocted from rich organza fabrics in sugary shades of candy pink, marshmallow, lilac and vanilla. These delightful confections are the product of fashion label Little Mistress who have chosen this year to extend their brand with a line of childrenswear for the discerning mini fashionista.

Launching the collection under the name ‘Little Misdress’ in a clever play on their label, the designs will be targeted at 4-12 year olds all tired of the lacklustre ensembles buried in the musty fancy dress trunk in the depths of Mummy’s closet. (Or her selection of last season’s cast-offs as they are otherwise known).

Each of the sixteen styles that make up the collection, feature an element of delicate detailing crafted via decadent embellishment and intricate embroidery. Retail prices range between £40 to £60, with all designs available in the four delectable colours aforementioned, and the collection will launch online next month just in time for a Valentine’s date.


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