LUSH and Vivienne Westwood present Climate Revolution


The 1st January 2013 will mark not only the start of a new year but also an exciting collaboration between cosmetics brand LUSH and fashion designer Vivienne Westwood as they launch her Climate Revolution.

LUSH, famed for their fresh handmade cosmetics, will be inviting customers to their 104 shops across the UK and Ireland to do their bit for the environment by signing up to the revolution. Participants will have the opportunity of signing a petition and getting involved in protesting for a more sustainable future as part of Westwood’s campaign.

The British designer has unveiled a series of initiatives to promote the Climate Revolution over the past months, including the creation of a special window display at the Miu Miu private members club at the Café Royal in London’s Piccadilly and an exclusive set of t-shirts for eco pop-up shop JUST on Carnaby Street. Controversial pop icon Lady Gaga was also spotted wearing one of Westwood’s campaign tees following the designer’s Red Label SS13 catwalk show at London Fashion Week. Westwood had debuted the t-shirt less than a fortnight earlier at the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games to kick off her campaign.

Commenting on her latest campaign partnership, Dame Westwood said: “I was impressed by Lush – it’s run like a family business with the earth and its people as the priority. They have over 800 shops across the world without having spent any money on advertising! I like the attention they give to the amount of packaging they use and the communities from which they source their products. I’m excited that 2013 begins with Climate Revolution, from 104 windows on the UK’s busiest shopping streets. And it gives me hope that the High Street can help pioneer a more sustainable world.”

The brand’s co-founder, Mo Constantine OBE, explained the choice of beginning the New Year on a philanthropic and environmental drive, saying: “This is the week when every shop in every shopping centre across the world is screaming sales. We have chosen to propel Vivienne Westwood’s initiative – Climate Revolution – into the High Street instead. It might seem strange that the Climate Revolution is being called for by members of the beauty and fashion industry, but Vivienne is right when she says that we must begin today, because tomorrow is too late. Both Lush and Westwood have always had invention at heart, and a certain disregard for the rules. We’re proud to make Climate Revolution our New Year’s resolution.”

Well, I for one am thrilled to get involved with starting how I mean to go on and following the alleged apocalypse, it seems all the more fitting that we should learn from our brush with the proverbial Noah’s Ark and not only prepare for the “flood” but do everything in our power to prevent it.

Climate Revolution will be hosted in Lush shops until Monday 7th January 2013.


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