Christmas Wishes, Channukah Hopes…

In our house we celebrate both Christmas and Channukah in homage to my parents’ respective upbringings. Eight days of lighting candles, and packages filled with treats precede the festive day of pine needle-laden trees, tinsel and coloured baubles. Both are about light, family and fun, from spinning tops a.k.a. dreidels to mistletoe kisses, and more importantly, both present an occasion of gifting. So here is my wishlist this winter gifting season…       IMG_1039THE Dress
You know when you’ve seen it, that one dress you can’t stop thinking about, the one you picked up several hundred times but put back because it was one extravagance you didn’t think you could stretch to. I’m calling it the LBD, Little Beautiful Dress, cupcake-like for its many layers of crimson tulle making it flounce with feathery soft ssshhing noises and sporting chic tartan and a decadent navy velvet belt. Simply put, I want it. Mummy, please go to Next and buy it for me.

Coil BraceletMake it Personal
My grandmother often brings presents for Mummy and me and tells us she chose them because they had our names on them, though I eventually realised she meant metaphorically speaking. Now, I’ve found something that really could have my name on it, literally, and it’s Merci Maman’s personalised silver jewellery (£24-£79). So I’ve already picked out the chunky charm bracelet for me, the cufflinks for Daddy and a golden plated heart necklace for Mummy. Plus, I can even have my name stitched onto my sleepsuit, dressing gown and towel – perfect!

Apocalips_groupIt’s Not the End of the World
The world may not be ending, after all, my Daddy is neither master driller a.k.a. Bruce Willis nor über-scientist a.k.a. Dennis Quaid, and if Armageddon the sequel was coming I’d so be in the starring role of that movie; but if it were you’d at least want to go out on a high. Inspired by the apocalyptic predictions for the close of 2012, Rimmel London has unveiled a set of lip lacquers entitled Apocalips. With names appropriately linked to the impending Judgement Day, the lacquers (£5.99) range from pink Nova to bright red Big Bang, and eschewing the notion that the world will implode are set to land in-store from 23 January 2013.

cambridge-satchel-metallic-01Old School Style
The Cambridge Satchel Company is opening its first ever store in February 2013, located in the stylish locale of London’s Covent Garden. Coinciding with the preeminent style event of the season, London Fashion Week, Julie Deane’s online accessory empire will have a bricks and mortar residence where fans, followers and fashionistas can go and ogle, stroke and buy from her gorgeous range of satchels. Inspired by the Harry Potter novels, Deane chose the Shorts Gardens address for its traditional cobbled streets and on-trend vibe, setting the perfect scene for her contemporary take on the retro school bag. The official store is not yet open but a pop-up preview is in place currently in a bid to sate the sartorial needs of the brand’s loyal clientele.

3690So Hollywood
As far as festive reading material goes, I am inclined to delve into costume designer, Deborah Nadoolman Landis’ story of Hollywood Costume (£30). Following the spectacular exhibition at the V&A, showcasing Dorothy’s red shoes and Cecilia Tallis’ emerald gown, the book explores the ways in which these costumes and more transformed the fictional characters who wore them into living, breathing people. Spanning 100 years of Hollywood, from golden age classics to contemporary heroes, forget the Christmas movie this year, far better to get lost in a multitude of fantasies than just one.

bottle 2Feathered Fancies
The latest collection from cosmetic couturier nails inc. is Bling it on Feathers, offering a unique take on the tradition glittery flecks found in your usual sparkle polish. From the limited edition feather print handle brush to the feather-like particles in the polish, the collection’s (£20) multi-tonal shades will make this festive party season one like no other.

chrome-and-fuschia-1352296806The Right to Shoes
Carrie Bradshaw asserted the female prerogative to shoes throughout her sartorial reign, strutting along the streets of Manhattan in the most coveted designer heels and it’s my belief that footwear has a place on any discerning fashionista’s Christmas list. Julian Hakes’ architectural works of art are my choice for this year, with designs sculpted to achieve both style and comfort he has been championed as revolutionising the footwear industry and named Best Footwear designer of the year 2012 by Drapers.

jools_oliver_in_the_mothercare_window_oxford_street-1345561156A Little Bird told me…
The fashionable half of the Olivers, namely Jools, launched her debut children’s fashion collection Little Bird at Mothercare earlier this year and along with a copy of Jamie’s 15 minute meals, I would like to make my cookery foray donned head to toe in Jools’ collection. Her designs are the right side of quirky married with classic styles, featuring anything from vibrant rainbow motifs to funky graphic prints. I also share the fact that my middle name Lily is similarly florally-themed as the Oliver children, Petal, Poppy and Daisy, so you could say it’s just meant to be.

IMG_1002Little Miss Patisserie
Accompanying Mummy to the Clothes Show Live last weekend, I spotted something sweet and soapy in the shape of cupcake bath bombs courtesy of Miss Patisserie. Stopping to savour the deluxe bath time goodies on show, I discovered that each delectable product is created by Miss Patisserie chefs who craft, ice, decorate and package each beautifully scented item. The ideal stocking filler combining cake and cosmetic indulgence, my only worry is those cupcakes look good enough to eat!

what-to-expect-when-youre-expectingGreat Expectations
Of course, it’s always good to end the day with a good laugh and What to Expect When You’re Expecting, released this year and based on the bestselling guide for Mummies to be, has that in spades. An ensemble cast, which includes Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and Elizabeth Banks, present a multitude of baby-related tales. Mummy and I went to see this movie in the cinema where we spotted two people acting out a real-life scene from the film… They surfaced just in time for the closing credits.


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