Wish Upon an App: Benefit Cosmetics debuts new Wishlist app

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One of my favourite beauty brands Benefit Cosmetics, whose kitsch and quirky packaging first caught my eye while rummaging around in Mummy’s make-up bag, has launched its first ever iPhone app. The Benefit Wishlist app comes just in time for the Christmas period as children and adults everywhere compile their lists to mail to the mythical bearded man up north, asserting what they would like to unwrap beneath the tree on Christmas morning.

The app presents a pocket guide to the brand’s assortment of beauty treats, from kits such as upgrade to gorgeous (£35) and finding mr. bright (£28.50), to fabulous fragrances something about Sofia (£29.50) and maybe baby (£19.50), as well as skincare products, cosmetic accessories and make-up for every feature. I’ve already downloaded it and assembled my ideal beauty collection for 2013.

Instead of the traditional, leave the catalogue open and hope your loved ones take the hint, the Benefit app enables you to share your wishlist of Bene-products with friends and family, as well as via the Facebook fan page by posting the link to your profile. The app will be live throughout 2013 and re-branded to suit all the other gifting seasons.



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