Mini Fashionista meets…

Claire Constantine, Lush

Don’t you know it’s important to get a bit colourful and creative before you get clean?! Well that’s exactly how I spent my morning courtesy of the fabulous press team for handmade cosmetics brand, Lush and the lovely Claire Constantine, store manager of the Covent Garden branch and daughter of founders Mark and Mo Constantine who launched the company back in 1994.

Invited into a warm, vibrant grotto beneath the London store, Mummy, me and the other bloggers were met with a Christmas tree hung with bath-product ornaments, brightly coloured gifts beneath it and even more brightly coloured FUN laid out on a table. Settling onto one of the mini plastic stools, I set to work mushing and molding the clay-like substance which came in sweetie-shop shades of yellow (vanilla), blue (lavender), pink (tonka), green (lime) and red (mandarin).

So much FUN!!

Sinking my hands into a bowl of warm water, the very plaything I’d ended up covered with washed itself away leaving only a scrumptious fragrance and super soft hands. But it doesn’t just wash hands, it also washes hair, bodies, clothes and even Mummies and Daddies.

The five different coloured FUN rolls each cost ¬£5, and 10p from every one sold will be donated to LUSH’s FunD which has been set up in the wake of the Japanese tsunami to help return FUN to the children in Fukushima whose playgrounds and activity centres were destroyed by the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster.


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