Jean Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke

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Now, I am a fashionista in every sense, from the clothes I wear to everything I consume, be it culture, literature and even my drink of choice. With the third limited edition design from maestro Jean Paul Gaultier adorning bottles of Diet Coke as of this week, my thirst for sartorial sugar free refreshments will soon be sated.

Appointed to the role of creative director earlier this year by Diet Coke, Gaultier has applied his signature style to the brand’s aluminium canvas with ‘Tattoo’ joining ‘Night & Day’ in the exclusive collection. Perhaps as highly anticipated and coveted as Gaultier’s seasonal capsules, the designer has been teasing us mercilessly over the past few months with tempting glimpses of the new design on his website and via short films. And now, the wait is over as these trend-setting treasures make their way onto the shelves of Boots stores across the country.

Each bottle is designed in such a way as to reflect Gaultier’s iconic style, and ‘Tattoo’ is no different; revealing the designer’s personal interest in body art it features a motif combining various designs from past catwalk collections. Plus, plucking one of his fashionista fans directly from the front row, Gaultier has covered model Daisy Lowe in the same tattoo design which dresses the latest limited edition bottle. Completing his Diet Coke trifecter with a sparkling pop, London beauty, Lowe, features in a film and ad campaign to bring the final design to life.

In homage to his celebrated corsetry, which has in its time endowed Queen of Pop Madonna with stellar curves as well as illustrating Gaultier’s perfume line, the ‘Night’ bottle features the iconic conical bra design together with lace and fishnet embellishment covering the womanly silhouette of the bottle. Breton stripes in nautical white and blue – another classic Gaultier look – adorn the ‘Day’ bottle, and both are now also featured on the Diet Coke cans.

The ‘Tattoo’ bottle will be free for a limited time when bought with two standard bottles of Diet Coke, and the ‘Night’ and ‘Day’ versions, £1.50 each, are available from all major retailers. I wonder if the girls on Suburgatory would trade in their Red Bull’s for something a little more fashionable to stick their straws into? I could always Tweet Jane Levy and Carly Chaikin and ask!!


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