The Heritage of Hermes

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Christopher Lemaire put forward a collection which spoke of a dialogue between lines that were clean and simple and prints that were vibrant and beautiful for the house of Hermes. The brand’s signature scarf trailed from models’ hands as though they were extensions of the silk printed shorts and skirts, and the same floral pattern print found its way onto fluid dresses, separates and jackets. Mannish tailoring cut lines that were square and angular, while feminine curves reigned supreme in the shoulders of trenches and more jackets. Forest green and mustard snakeskin made for bold hues, along with cobalt blue and chestnut brown. Textures also came into play, conveyed via those snakeskin creations, suede pencil skirts and inflated tops and jackets crafted from woven grids of check formations. Wide belts drew in the waists of loosely structured shirt dresses and braces gave a working class edge to all-in-ones, leather mini skirts framed by longer suede flaps and dresses. It was modernist with an integrated hierarchy of class hinted at through the contrasting styles on show, the controlled and angular versus the fluid and colourful.

Catwalk images: copyright


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