An Occasion for Style at Hussein Chalayan

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Once upon a time, as the city-dwellers looked to the shape of the coming season, sartorial visionary Hussein Chalayan, presented them with the story of how he predicted their spring summer wardrobes would be formed. Unfolding in three parts, “The Occasion” began with ensembles in streamlined black, lilac and white, from long jackets and shirt dresses to loose cape-shaped shirts and wide culottes. The faces of the characters modelling the garments were partially hidden behind wide-brimmed sunhat visors, some edged in neon hues of yellow and green as the tale blended into a sporty segue of white jackets and tunics, again featuring those traces of neon lining. Sheer tabards overlaying dresses both long and short recalled the style of ages past, while netted mesh found its way onto body-forming dresses and loose jackets creating a look similar to that sported by Meryl Streep in Out of Africa circa 1985. Hues of blue and orange blended their way in as ensembles took on a more techno style across short shorts, tailored jackets, sportier hooded jackets and cigarette trousers. Shapes became inflated via coats, culottes and a-line skirts and muted tones of buttercup yellow punctuated the flurry of white. Celebrating the event of everyday life, living in the city, Chalayan’s “Occasion” was just that, memorable, fresh and fashion forward.

Catwalk images: copyright


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