Kristen Stewart front row at Balenciaga

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Taking time out from her unofficial role as headlining heartbreaker to Brit pin-up Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart graced the front row at Balenciaga looking relaxed and (dare I say it) happy in yellow biker jacket and floral printed trousers, leaving Nicolas Ghesquiere – creative director for the fashion house – with his work cut out to draw all eyes back to the collection at hand. And that he did with Flamenco ruffles and wraparound sports-bra style tops, edgy, asymmetrical skirts and super-cropped tops that were all about laid-back, aerobics cool. Ghesquiere went to great, and uneven, lengths to reinvent the peplum which took on various incarnations, from pink underlining to being paired with fluted sleeves or jackets. Ruffles injected luscious Latina sass on the skirts and dresses cut to the hip, which somehow worked with the delicate slabs of cropped tees crowning them in shades of white, monochrome houndstooth and camel. Little jacket and skirt suits were prim and proper, while their ankle-skimming trouser counterparts lent an androdgynous comparison. Feminine flounces presided, pleats prettied skirts and bags came in bucket shapes large and small in a nod to the current accessory trend. Feathery thorns climbed their way up chiffony skirts and hems were elaborate and decorative, indeed decoration went so far as to turn a shift of eggshell blue into a leaf-formation pattern, and the same cut-out effect reached to a buttercup yellow skirt. Ghesquiere laced things up in style, as the models put one brogue-attired foot in front of the other before a crowd oozing with star power and editorial prestige, from Salma Hayek to Anna Dello Russo.

Catwalk images: copyright


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