Checked out to the Nines at Dries van Noten

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Antwerp designer Dries van Noten served up a spring summer wardrobe that was all about laid back, urban cool. Hair that was tousled and loose framed huge, round sunglasses and vivid lips in red and pink. Van Noten’s bohemian traveller glided down the runway in various incarnations of grunge chic, sporting an overload of textures and patterns that somehow complemented one another perfectly. Monochrome plaid waistcoats teamed up with pastel coloured plaid shirts, while further down the plaid skirt was overlaid with floral sheer. Printed shirts were loose and billowing, long checked dresses were also veiled with transparent floral sheer and tops were ruffled and chiffon. Houndstooth, plaid and check were layered and clashed in an array of shades, though the overriding palette was maroon, sapphire blue and chocolate brown. Fabrics were sweetie-wrapper metallic and flimsy sheer and pencil skirts laden with floral applique, in some cases as dense so as to replicate the real thing. Long skirts and loose jackets, oversized easy dresses and shapes that clung to the body and others that flared away at various angles. Pretty pastels crept in here and there and once a comfy grey pullover made an appearance, breaking up the rivulet of pattern flowing down the catwalk. The designer’s vision for the new season wardrobe was one of relaxed glamour; the girl who is in and out of the country but at all times remains relaxed and effortlessly stylish and beautiful.

Catwalk images: copyright


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