Stargazing at Giorgio Armani

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Layers, layers, layers in fluid waves of watercolour blues, greens and rivulets of dove grey, as Giorgio Armani conveyed summer elegance via cropped jackets, trouser suits cropped at the ankle and sheer trousers veiled beneath fluid dresses knotted at the waist with thick scarves. Metallics were space age-adjacent as models lined the runway in Star Trek-inspired fascinators and neck-high floaty silken jerseys. Armani’s wardrobe was a Babushka Doll set of shorts over trousers, dresses over trousers, dresses over maxi skirts and dresses over dresses in sleek, waterfall silhouettes. Sequinned trousers and dresses transformed day seamlessly into star-spangled night as rich hues of sapphire, emerald, midnight blue and black noir covered striped blazers, pyjama suits, shimmering button blouses and little bloomer shorts. Jewel quilted jackets and wavy biker styles embellished with slender zips were accessorised with Mad Men-esque frame handbags, clutches and brooches in bejewelled black. It was certainly a star offering in the Milano line-up.

Catwalk images: copyright


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