Just Jil Sander

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After tea there came a cleansing of the style palate as Jil Sander’s purist take on the new season came by way of linear compositions, crisp, clean whites and silhouettes that were tapered and sculpted. Bursts of vibrant tomato orange punctuated a pared back palette of navy, plum, white and black, mostly in block colour and otherwise in interesting twists along dress sleeves, patching up shoulders and contrasting in two-tonal designs on coats and dresses. Spherical textures made for voluminous garments, including pinafore-style dresses,  which could have been mistaken for maternity wear or else the type of thing you’d throw on before arming yourself with an easel and paintbrush. White bloomer-esque shorts and mid-calf bubble skirts were covered with large shimmering pink and blue rubber discs in Sander’s clean and precise nod to the trend for sequin embellishment. Round necks and cropped jackets with barely-there lapels, a-line skirts and graphic-printed jumpers added to the capsule that was at once modern and imaginative; a clean and beautiful, and above all wearable collection for spring/summer 13.

Images: Copywright Vogue.co.uk


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